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2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

Science Education, Informal Science Education Option, M.S.

The M.S. in Science Education is designed primarily for credentialed K-12 teachers and experienced informal educators.


Prospective graduate students in M.S. in Science Education, including CSULB graduates, must formally apply for admission to CSULB as described previously in this catalog and must also apply directly to the Department of Science Education. All applicants must submit the following documents directly to the department office:

  1. Completed departmental application form, including personal statement. The application form is available in the Department of Science Education office and on the internet [http://www.scienceteaching.org, click on “Masters Info”].
  2. Two confidential recommendation letters, sent under separate cover, including one from an administrator or supervisor at a school/institution where the applicant is (or was) employed.  Prospective graduate students must also receive a positive recommendation following an interview with graduate faculty.

Review by the Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee will review all completed applications and recommend either accepting the applicant as a Classified or Conditionally Classified graduate student, or denying admission. All accepted students should contact the departmental graduate advisor before their first semester for advisement and orientation.

Classified Graduate Student

The Department of Science Education will recommend for admission as a Classified graduate student any applicant who has met all prerequisites and been accepted by the Graduate Studies Committee.

Conditionally Classified Graduate Student

An applicant who fails to meet the criteria for Classified admission to the department may be considered by the Graduate Studies Committee for admission as a Conditionally Classified graduate student. The Graduate Studies Committee will determine what deficiencies each applicant has and specify what the individual must do to make up those deficiencies. The applicant must make up all such deficiencies before attaining Classified status.

Admission to the Department Prerequisites

In addition to the prerequisites for entrance into CSULB as a graduate student stated in this Catalog, the Science Education department requires:

  • California Multiple Subject or science teaching credential, or the equivalent;
  • GPA of at least 2.5000 for the last 60 units of study completed.
  • Those students participating in the informal science option may substitute one or more years of experience working as an educator in an informal learning setting; a letter of support is required.

Students are expected to exhibit high standards of writing proficiency. Students missing any admission criteria may only be admitted after receiving the approval of a department graduate faculty committee.

Option in Informal Science Education

This option is aimed at educators currently working in non-classroom settings such as museums, zoos, and nature centers, as well as those charged with fostering the public understanding of science.

Program of Study

The Program of Study (33 units) includes the successful completion of:

Take 6 units of science courses from the following:

Take 3 units non-profit management or other related course from the following:

Take 3 units elective, chosen in consultation with advisor

Take the following course:

Advancement to Candidacy

  1. A student must be designated as a Classified Student in good standing prior to advancing to candidacy.
  2. The student’s M.S. program must be approved by a faculty graduate advisor, the department graduate advisor, the department chair, and the Associate Dean in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics or designee.
  3. Advancement to candidacy may take place upon satisfactory completion of six units in the M.S. program. A student must have been advanced to candidacy before initiating formal thesis research necessary to complete the M.S. degree.