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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film and Electronic Arts, Narrative Production Option, B.A.

(120 units)

This degree is approved for distance education by the WSCUC.

54 units required for the major.

Students may apply to the Option in Narrative Production after completing the Major-Specific Admissions Requirements. Note: The 54 units required for the major includes the following 3-unit preparation course not included under the major requirements below: ART 110 - Introduction to the Visual Arts ; or AH 111B Foundation Art History: c.1300-present, Europe and the United States ; or articulated equivalent (grade of C or better required).

Admission to the option is for Fall semester only. To be eligible for admission to the option, students must have completed a minimum of 60 units, but no more than 90 units, before the Fall semester of admission. Students apply for admission to the Narrative Production option by submitting a portfolio to the department early in the preceding Spring semester. For portfolio requirements and instructions, see the Department of Film and Electronic Arts website: http://web.csulb.edu/depts/film.

Although a transfer student may apply to the FEA Narrative Production option prior to learning whether they have been admitted to the university, they cannot be accepted into the option until they have been officially admitted to the university. The Film and Electronic Arts Department is not involved in the university admissions process. If an applicant is admitted to the university but does not receive a favorable review of their portfolio, they will be admitted to the FEA Option in Theory and Practice of Cinema. Students given admission to FEA Theory and Practice of Cinema and accept admission may not switch to FEA Narrative Production once at CSULB.  The decision is final. 

Students admitted to the Option in Narrative Production are required to maintain a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.5 in all major-related course work to remain in the option. Students admitted to the option are also required to abide by the rules and regulations specified in the department’s Policies and Procedures Handbook, which can be downloaded from the department website.


Lower Division Core (grade of “C” or better required)

Upper Division Core

Take the following course:

Take the following courses in the following sequence:

Fall Semester of Junior Year:

Students must select a two-semester track

Students must select a two-semester track of specialization for their senior year.

Production and Directing

Take the following courses:


Take the following courses: