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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Italian Studies, B.A.

This program offers two concentrations: Italian Language and Culture and Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Regular consultation with advisor is highly recommended.

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad through the CSU International Program in Florence, Italy or semester-long options in Rome and Venice; also highly recommended is a one-month summer study abroad in Recanati, Italy, that offers language and culture studies as well as internship opportunities.  Students may find internships at Italian and Italian-American institutions in the Long Beach area.

Once students have met the first- and second-year general language requirements, in the third year they take a common set of core courses in the target language. In the fourth year they choose between the two concentrations. Students intending to earn the teaching credential select Concentration I: Italian Language and Culture; students interested in a more interdisciplinary approach select Concentration II: Interdisciplinary Italian Studies. Both tracks share a common core.


Lower Division:

Students must achieve intermediate competency in Italian, equivalent to either ITAL 200  , ITAL 201  , orITAL 201B   prior to enrolling in upper-division coursework. The total number of lower-division units depends on the student’s existing language competency and can range from 0 to 16 units depending on placement. 

Students should consult with the undergraduate advisor regarding demonstration of existing language competency. 

Upper Division (minimum 33 units) with grades of “C” or better:

Basic Core (24 units)

Electives (9 units) from either Concentration I or Concentration II with grades of “C” or better.

Electives and Other Courses

Close work with the advisor will enable majors to design a comprehensive study plan for their entire CSULB experience and for life-long learning. General Education courses and electives should be chosen to coordinate with the major.

Single Subject Teaching Credential in Italian

Completion of Concentration I (Language and Culture) of the Italian major meets the subject matter competence requirement for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Italian. Prospective students should consult the undergraduate Italian Advisor and the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Credential Program Advisor early to plan their program.

In addition to meeting the subject matter competence requirement for the Teaching Credential, prospective teachers of Italian are also required to complete 45 units of professional preparation in the Single Subject Credential Program, including student teaching. Students may begin the professional preparation courses as early as the junior year. With careful planning, it is possible to complete all of the credential program courses, except for student teaching, as an undergraduate. Courses may also be completed as a post-baccalaureate student. Refer to the Single Subject Teacher Education website for a description of professional preparation requirements, courses, and application procedures.


Same as the BA in Italian, Concentration I

(Italian Language and Culture).