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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Asian Studies, B.A.

(120 units)

The Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program that combines the study of Asian culture and identity with a choice of three concentrations: Asia and Business; Asia and Globalization; Chinese or Japanese Studies. Students are encouraged to study abroad in Asia as a means to partially fulfill their language requirement. Information about these study-abroad programs can be obtained at the AAAS office (F03-340) or the Center for International Education (BH201).

Asian Studies students are interested in a wide range of professions in both the Liberal Arts and Sciences that require a cultural knowledge of Asia, trade in the region, and globalization. The core program provides students with the tools to understand the complex cultures of Asia, and the guidance to focus their interest and accomplish their goals. It prepares CSULB graduates for good jobs in international trade and business, non-profit work, international affairs, diplomacy, policy and public relations, and education. Students should select their concentration, foreign language study, and senior research project with their career objectives in mind.

Asian Studies uses an outcomes-based approach to education and incorporates the use of technology in the classroom. The pedagogical focus is on collaborative, project-based learning and communication associated with a twenty-first century skill set. Since both statistics and economics are important for this major, students are advised to take either ECON 101  or STAT 108  as part of their under-division GE requirements. A “C” grade in all required and elective classes in the major is required for continuation of the program.


A minimum of 39 units distributed as follows:

Major Requirements

Foreign Language (12 units)

Take at least three semesters (or the equivalent) of a single Asian language. Language choices are Chinese, Japanese, or an Asian language approved by the AAAS undergraduate advisor (typically Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, or Cambodian). Students are encouraged to take their language courses early in their academic career and plan to study one or more semesters abroad in Asia to meet this requirement. Those with an Asian language competency may test out of this requirement. Visit the Department for further information.


Core courses - 6 units

Take the following course:

Upper-Division (Minimum of 21 units: 9 units of core courses and 12 units of upper division electives):

Core courses - 9 units

Take one of the following (3 units):

Take the following course:


Take a minimum of 12 units of upper-division electives from one of the following three concentrations:

Asia and Business concentration (any four courses below):

China or Japan concentration (any four courses below):