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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Vocal Performance Concentration, M.M.

The Master of Music degree program provides professional concentrations in Composition, Conducting-Instrumental, Conducting-Choral, Jazz Studies, Opera Performance and Instrumental/Vocal Performance.


  1. A Bachelor of Music degree, or a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Music or a bachelor’s degree, from an accredited institution, with a minimum of 24 upper division units of music comparable to those required at this University;
  2. The student must request all institutions of higher learning attended to send official copies of transcripts directly to the Office of Admissions and Records and another set to the Conservatory of Music Graduate Advisor. Transcripts presented to the Admissions Office by the student are not acceptable. Graduates of California State University, Long Beach must follow these same procedures when making application to the Master of Music in music program;
  3. All applicants are required to complete the Bob Cole Conservatory Graduate Placement Examination before they register for courses applicable to the Master of Music degree. (Under special circumstances, a student may take the examination during the first semester in which he or she is registered in courses applicable to the degree);
  4. Criteria according to concentration:
    1. Composition: submission and approval of a portfolio of representative original scores and evidence of baccalaureate-level competency as required in the Bachelor of Music Composition Option;
    2. Conducting: successful completion of a conducting examination and approval by the conducting faculty;
    3. Performance/Jazz Studies: Performance-Opera; Jazz Studies; and Instrumental/Vocal: an audition both at a performance level and with a repertory on an instrument or in voice acceptable to the faculty of the specific performance medium.
  5. A GPA of 3.00 or better in upper division Music courses. Students who do not meet the 3.00 GPA requirement or specified balance within the required 24 units of upper division music but who possess outstanding or unusual qualifications that promise a significant contribution to the Master of Music program may petition for a special review from the Conservatory Graduate Advisory Committee.

Advancement to Candidacy

  1. Satisfy all the general University requirements, including fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR);
  2. Remove all undergraduate deficiencies, which were determined by the Bob Cole Conservatory Graduate Placement Examination and/or the Dean of the College of the Arts;
  3. Pass the Bob Cole Conservatory Qualifying Examinations;
  4. Submit an approved project or thesis proposal, and a graduate degree program approved by the student’s Thesis Committee, the Graduate Advisor, Conservatory Director, and the Dean of the College of the Arts (Note: In order to satisfy the culminating activity requirement (thesis, project, or comprehensive examination dependent upon the program), students must earn at least three (3) units and no more than six (6) units related to the completion of the culminating activity.);
  5. GPA of 3.0 or higher.


General requirements for all majors: Completion of a minimum of 30 units of approved upper division and graduate courses with at least 24 units in the major. The following courses are the only undergraduate classes allowed to count on a graduate program. All others must be taken at the 500- or 600-level. (The program may not include more than six units of transfer graduate credit).

Take the following courses:

An oral defense of the thesis, recital, or project:

Take 6 units from the following:

Additional Requirements

The Vocal Performance/Opera Placement Examination is given in the week prior to the beginning of classes. It is required of all entering students, including those holding bachelor’s degrees from CSULB. Prospective graduate students in voice and opera must call the Music Conservatory Office (562) 985-4781 to register for the Vocal Performance/Opera Placement Examination Placement Examination in addition to the Music Conservatory Placement Examination required of all entering graduate students.

All applicants are required to complete the Conservatories’ Diction and Repertoire Diagnostic Exam** before registering in courses applicable to the Master of Music degree.

*Approved Major Performance Organizations (MUS 500 , MUS 530 ) by area:

Winds and Brass: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Concert Jazz Orchestra

Percussion: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Symphony Orchestra

Strings: Symphony Orchestra

Voice: Chamber Choir, University Choir, 49er Chorus, Opera

Opera: Chamber Choir, University Choir, 49er Chorus, Opera

Jazz Studies: Concert Jazz Orchestra, Studio Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Ensemble I, Vocal Jazz Ensemble II

** Students in the Vocal Performance and Opera concentrations of the Master of Music degree are expected to show evidence of diction studies in various languages and French and German song repertoire for entrance. A diction examination will determine strengths and weaknesses in undergraduate-level knowledge in these areas. The exam results are used in the advising process to determine remedial work and for guidance in choice of electives. Students showing deficiencies may be required to take specific relevant elective courses.

Teaching Credentials

Students seeking a degree in Music Education refer to the Instrumental Music and Choral-Vocal Music options under B.M. degree. All students entering the credential program after August 31, 2003 will be following the SB2042 credential program and should consult the Single Subject Credential Program requirements in this catalog. For further information consult with the Conservatory credential advisor.

Music Performance

Opportunities to participate in various instrumental and vocal ensembles are available to all students regardless of major. Before enrolling in a performing group, students should apply to the director of the organization in which they wish to participate. Music performance courses may be repeated; up to 8 units of credit in MUS 100  or MUS 300  may be counted toward a bachelor’s degree. Simultaneous enrollment in more than one organization is permitted.

Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music

For information, refer to the undergraduate section in this department.