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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Music Education: Choral-Vocal Music Option, B.M.

The Bachelor of Music degree is a high-unit professional degree and requires 132 units for graduation. Music units include the core requirements and one option. Students interested in the BM program must successfully complete an audition for entrance to the program. This should be accomplished prior to entrance to the University. Students wishing to consider the BM program after they have enrolled at CSULB may not apply after they have completed more than a maximum of 96 units.

Core Requirements

Music History and Literature:

Music Theory:

Major Performance Organization:

Keyboard Proficiency:

  • Successful completion of conservatory’s piano proficiency examination (equivalent to MUS 220B )


Take the following course for 4 units:

Take the following course for 4 units:

Take 5 of the following courses:

MUS 125A, MUS 125B, MUS 125C, MUS 125D, MUS 125E, MUS 125F Instrumental Methods (1)

Music Education Proficiency Exam

Taken Spring semester of the Senior year. Music Education students will demonstrate proficiency from selected MUS 125  methods, Instrumental/Choral Ensemble methods, as well as dispositions and characteristics of an emerging Music Educator.

Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music

Completion of this option meets the subject matter competence requirement for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Music. In addition to meeting the subject matter competence requirement for the Teaching Credential, prospective Music teachers are also required to complete 45 units of professional preparation in the Single Subject Credential Program, including student teaching. Students may begin the professional preparation courses as early as the junior year. With careful planning, it is possible to complete up to 12 units in the credential program as an undergraduate. Courses may also be completed as a postbaccalaureate student. Refer to the Single Subject Teacher Education section of this catalog or the Single Subject Credential Program website (www.ced.csulb.edu/single-subject) for a description of the professional preparation requirements, courses, and application procedures. Prospective students should consult the conservatory’s Music Education Advisor early to plan their program. CSULB students entering the Credential Program must apply to the graduate program during the last semester before graduation.

The Subject Matter Preparation Program has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.