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2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geological Sciences

Department Chair: Dr. Lora Stevens-Landon

Department Office: Hall of Science (HSCI) 322
Telephone: (562) 985.4809

Faculty: Alyssa Abbey, Andrea Balbas, Matthew Becker, Richard Behl (FERP), Stanley C. Finney (FERP), K. Benjamin Hagedorn, Gregory J. Holk, Thomas Kelty (FERP), Nathan Onderdonk, Lora Stevens-Landon

Administrative Support Coordinator: Margaret Costello

Undergraduate: Nathan Onderdonk
Credential: James Kisiel, Tim Williamson
Graduate: Gregory J. Holk

Students desiring information should contact the Department Office for referral to one of the faculty advisors.

College: College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics  

Courses: GEOL  

Career Possibilities

Geologist • Geophysicist • Hydrologist • Hydrogeologist • Environmental Geologist • Environmental Consultant • Paleontologist • Seismologist • Engineering Geologist • Soils Engineer • Stratigrapher • Petroleum Geologist • Mineral Explorationist • Oceanographer • Mineralogist • Petrologist • Geochemist • Teacher • Science Writer • Park Interpreter/Ranger • Laboratory or Field Assistant (Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see the CSULB Careers Website).


The Geological Sciences encompasses the study of Earth Systems: the solid earth, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere. All Earth Science and Geology majors must contact the Undergraduate Advisor prior to the first semester in residence.

The Geological Sciences Department participates in the Southern California Marine Institute for marine geology, oceanography, and seismic studies. See the Ocean Studies Institute  section of this Catalog for additional information.

Academic Advising and Enrollment into Classes

All entering students who declare a major in a degree program offered by this department need to contact the Departmental Undergraduate Advisor to understand the degree requirement, pre-requisites for enrollment and to develop a course plan. Many GEOL courses require the permission on the Undergraduate Advisor to enroll.

Concurrent and/or Summer Enrollment at Another College

Students who wish to take coursework at a community or another college to meet curricular requirements while enrolled as undergraduates in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics must petition the Department Undergraduate Advisor for prior approval to earn credit for specific courses. This policy applies to concurrent enrollment or summer enrollment. University policy must also be complied with; see ‘Concurrent Enrollment’ and ‘Transfer of Undergraduate Credit’ in this Catalog. Courses not receiving prior approval will not be accepted for credit by the Department.

Financial Support and Assistantships

The Department of Geological Sciences offers graduate students a limited number of teaching associate and graduate assistant appointments. Graduate students may request consideration for these appointments by the Department Chair. Duties consist of up to 20 hours per week devoted to preparation and/or instruction in general undergraduate laboratory classes. These appointments are limited to a maximum of six semesters per individual.

The department also has a limited number of undergraduate or graduate assistant positions as well as some hourly employment. Many members of the faculty have grants that provide for paid research assistantships for both graduate and undergraduate students. A number of scholarships are available through the university and in the local community.


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