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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Department Chair: Nellie Wieland

Department Office: McIntosh Humanities Building (MHB), Rm 917

Telephone: (562) 985‑4331

Website: www.cla.csulb.edu/departments/philosophy/

Email: cla-philos@csulb.edu

Faculty: Patrick Dieveney, Christa Johnson, Nicholas Laskowski, Lawrence Nolan, Max Rosenkrantz, Charles Wallis, Nellie Wieland, Cory Wright, Wayne Wright

Advisors: ATLAS

Graduate: Cory Wright

Administrative Support Coordinator: Kaz Mogi

Career Possibilities

Law • Medical School • Bioethics • Professional Writing and Editing • Journalism • Business • Real Estate • Marketing • Data Analyst • Politics • Librarian • Teaching • Publishing • Advertising • Higher Education (Some of these require additional education or experience.)

College: College of Liberal Arts  

Courses: PHIL  


The undergraduate major, minor, and graduate program in Philosophy provide an intellectually rigorous program of study in a supportive environment. The two principal educational goals of the philosophy programs are (1) to sharpen skills in critical thinking, analytical reading and writing, problem-solving, and clear and logical thinking, and (2) to teach students to probe questions that are foundational to the liberal arts, sciences, and fine arts, including questions about the basic concepts of mind, matter, and humanity. This provides a foundation for a wide variety of future careers and intellectual pursuits.


    Graduate and Professional DegreesUndergraduate DegreesMinor



      General Education Category A must be completed prior to taking any upper-division course except upper-division language courses where students meet formal prerequisites and/or competency equivalent for advanced study.