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2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


School Director: Aubry Mintz

School Telephone / FAX: (562) 985-4376 / 985-1650

Administrative Office: Fine Arts (FA) 4, Room 106

Academic Coordinator: Karen Warner, (562) 985-7907

School of Art Advising Center and Student Services: Fine Arts (FA) 4, Room 102, (562) 985-7819

Director, Undergraduate Advising: Melissa Ledesma

Undergraduate Advisors: Nancy De la Rosa, Adam Schwartz

Graduate Advisor: Rebecca Sittler Schrock (562) 985-7910

Advising Center Support Coordinator: Michael Nannery

Faculty and Life Model Coordinator: William Terry

Faculty: Jeffery Atherton, Sam Anvari, Margaret Black, Diedrick Brackens, Kendall Brown, Bryan Crockett, Tanya Cummings, Daniel Dove, Laurie Gatlin, Katie Grinnan, Peter Holliday, Tor Hovind, Yu Ji, Karen Kleinfelder, Thomas J. Krumpak, Jay Kvapil, Anthony Marsh, Mark Michelon, Christopher Miles, Chris Miller, Aubry Mintz, Kimiko Miyoshi, Catha Paquette, Sunook Park, Mariah Proctor-Tiffany, Brittany Ransom, Rick Reese, Robin Richesson, Kyle Riedel, Mark Ruwedel, Roxanne Sexauer, Nizan Shaked, Fran Siegel, Carlos Silveira, Matthew Simms, Rebecca Sittler Schrock, Marian Stewart, Craig C. Stone, Ryan Taber, Marie Thibeault, Brian Trimble, Michael Whitlow, B. Shimbe Shim

Career Possibilities

Advertising Consultant or Designer • Animator • Architectural Blacksmith • Architectural Illustrator • Art Advisor • Art Appraiser • Art Buyer • Art Consultant • Art Critic • Art Director • Art Educator • Art Fabricator • Art Historian • Art Journalist • Artist • Art Librarian • Art Publicist • Art Therapist • Author • Backdrop Designer • Billboard Artist • CAD Designer • Caricaturist • Cartographer • Cartoonist • Ceramic Artist • Ceramic Designer • Commercial Artist • Commercial Photographer • Community Activist • Community Artist • Community Arts Instructor • Concept Illustrator • Conservator • Digital Fabrication • Digital/new media artist • Director • Display Designer Commercial • Display Designer Retail • Documentarian • Drawer • Editor • Fashion Illustrator • Fiber Artist • Fine Art Photographer • Gallery Director • Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Information Architect • Interactive Media Designer • Installation Artist • Jewelry Designer • Master Printer • Medical Illustrator • Metalsmith • Metals Artist • Muralist • Museum Curator • Museum Educator • Museum Registrar • Museum Staff • Painter • Performance Artist • Photographer • Photo Journalist • Police Sketch Artist • Preparator • Printmaker • Prop Fabricator • Public Artist • Renderer • Sculptor • Set Decorator • Set Designer • Storyboard Artist • Technical Illustrator • Textile Designer • Video Artist • Videographer • Visual Development Artist • Web Designer • Wood Artist • Wood Worker

(Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see


The diversity of the School of Art programs, the quality of instruction, and the professional caliber of its faculty all combine to provide an exceptional opportunity and challenge to students seeking meaningful educational experiences and careers in the visual arts.

The School of Art may request projects completed by students for class credit be retained by the School of Art for a short specified period for the purposes of promotion and exhibition.


The University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (National Association of Schools of Art and Design,11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190, phone: 703-437-0700).

Admission Under Impaction

  • Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Please review the CSULB Admissions website for information related to Major Specific Requirements and Impaction Criteria based on student status as a prospective, admitted or transfer.

Admission to Baccalaureate Degree Options in Art Education, Art History, Studio Art or Bachelor of Fine Arts

The number of applicants to programs in Art usually exceeds the number that can be accommodated. For this reason, the school has been authorized by the California State University to apply supplemental admission criteria. Admission is on a competitive basis, and continuing CSULB students and transfer applicants will be considered equally.

Freshmen applying to the university as Art Education or Art History majors will be admitted as Pre-Art Education or Pre-Art History majors. Students applying to the B.A. in the Option in Studio Art or to one of the BFA degree options will be admitted as pre-Studio Art majors. Admission as a pre-Art  Education, pre-Art History, or pre- Studio Art major does not guarantee admission to the major.

Continuing students must apply for admission to an option (Art Education, Art History or Studio Art) during the semester they have earned 45 units after all supplemental admission criteria has been met. Applications must be submitted at such a date so that students can be admitted to an option by the time they reach 60 units.

Transfer applicants must apply during the initial filing period and must designate the major on the application. Students who are not admitted to the major may be admitted to an alternate major if they have listed one on the application. (See CSULB Enrollment Services Website)

Transfer students who qualify for admission to the university may be admitted to the B.A. in the Option in Art Education, Art History or Studio Art, if they meet the supplemental admissions criteria for admission to the major. Students applying to a B.F.A. option must supply a portfolio of their creative work to the School of Art as part of the application process. (See CSULB Enrollment Services Website)

Students interested in a BFA program may apply to the BFA program (Art Photography, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Illustration, 3-D Media: Fiber, Metal or Wood, Printmaking, Sculpture, or Graphic Design Options) when they have completed a minimum of 60 units, but may not apply after they have completed more than a maximum of 96 units.

Admission Procedures for Change of Major

Currently enrolled students who are undeclared or majors in other departments and who wish to apply for admission to any of the degree option programs in Art must meet the current supplemental criteria for admission to major. (See CSULB Enrollment Services Website)

Students applying for the B.F.A. degree programs in Art must also submit a portfolio of their creative work.

Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art

In addition to meeting the subject matter competence requirement for the Single Subject Teaching Credential in Art through the Option in Art Education major, prospective art teachers are also required to complete 45 units of professional preparation in the Single Subject Credential Program, including student teaching. Students may begin the professional preparation courses in their junior year. With careful planning, it is possible to complete all of the credential program courses, except for student teaching, as an undergraduate. Courses may also be completed as a post-baccalaureate student. Refer to the Single Subject Teacher Education  section of this catalog or the Single Subject Credential Program website ( for a description of the professional preparation requirements, courses, and application procedures. Before student teaching in art, students must pass a portfolio review. A passing score on the CBEST is also required. For information concerning requirements for the B.A. program, teacher preparation, as well as the fifth year for the credential, consult the art education advisor.


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