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2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The University sponsors a diverse program of 19 intercollegiate athletic teams and is supervised by the Department of Athletics.

The teams compete under the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Big West Conference, the Golden Coast Conference, and the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, maintaining membership in each organization. Women’s varsity sports are basketball, golf, cross-country, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, indoor/outdoor track and field, volleyball, water polo and softball. Men’s varsity sports are basketball, baseball, indoor/outdoor track and field, cross-country, water polo, volleyball, and golf. Students enrolling in intercollegiate athletic programs must meet all NCAA eligibility requirements and participate on the intercollegiate team. Information concerning athletic opportunities available to male and female students and the financial resources and personnel that CSULB dedicates to its men’s and women’s teams may be obtained from Cindy Masner, Department of Athletics, (562) 985-8146.

Students may apply no more than four (4) semester units of lower-division ATHL courses toward the baccalaureate degree within the 20-unit maximum on activity units generally, except that the combined total of lower-division ATHL activity units must not exceed four (4) units and the total of lower-division KIN activity units must not exceed eight (8) units. Upper-division ATHL courses, with the exception of ATHL 325 , may be taken one time only and not in conjunction with the lower-division ATHL courses. ATHL 325  may be repeated to a maximum of four (4) semester units and may be taken in conjunction with any other ATHL course.

The California State University is committed to providing equal opportunities to men and women CSU students in all campus programs, including intercollegiate athletics.