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2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Film and Electronic Arts

Department Chair: Anne D’Zmura

Department Office: University Telecommunications Center (UTC), Room 104

Telephone: (562) 985-5404

Website: web.csulb.edu/depts/film/

Faculty: Sharyn Blumenthal, Kent Hayward, Adam Moore, Helen Hood Scheer, David Waldman.

Administrative Coordinator: Donna Thomas

Academic Major Advisor: Lorenzo Gutierrez-Jarquin

Academic Pre-major and Minor Advisor: Adriane Howze

Instructional Support Technician: Steve Hubbert

Information Technology Consultant: Robert Rhyu

Equipment Room Coordinator: Christopher Maldonado

Career Possibilities

Producer • Director • Screenwriter • Cinematographer • Film Editor • Sound Designer • Studio Engineer • Production Designer • Visual Effects Designer • Digital Animator • Production Supervisor • Casting Supervisor • Media Educator • Media Archivist • Media Publicist • Production Equipment Specialist

(Some of these, and other careers, require additional education or experience. For more information, see www.careers.csulb.edu.)


Film and Electronic Arts is an innovative program that emphasizes both theory and practice. Focusing on the integration of moving images, culture, and technology, the curriculum is designed to develop storytelling and production skills while providing a foundational education in the arts and humanities. Media history, theory, and aesthetics are taught as an integral part of production practices.


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      Film and Electronic Arts