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2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science

Program Director:Major Victor Stephenson

Program Office:HSD 108

Faculty: Maj. Christol McFadden Sfc. David Neo


College: College of Health and Human Services  

Courses: MS  

Career Possibilities

United States Army Officer active duty/reserves/national guard part-time or full-time, with possible career fields in: • Aviation • Armor • Nurse Corps • Engineer • Finance • Military Intelligence • Infantry • Ordance • Medical • Air Defense • Quartermaster • Field Artillery • Chemical • Signal• Transportation


The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (Army ROTC) is a four-year program. Students desiring to attain a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army must meet eligibility requirements and complete the Military Science/Army ROTC Advanced Course. To be eligible for the Commissioning Program, a student must be enrolled full time (12 units) at CSULB, have at least one and a half years remaining as a university student, be physically qualified, complete the advanced course and graduate prior to reaching their 31st birthday.

Financial Assistance

Many opportunities for financial assistance are available to students. For further information, please visit the website or visit the program office.

Equipment and Uniforms

All necessary equipment, uniforms and textbooks for participation in the Military Science/ROTC program are furnished to the student by the United States Government free of charge. Title to this property, other than expendable items, remains with the government.

Basic Course

The Basic Course is a one to two-year period where students may, without obligation, investigate the ROTC Program and the military as a full- or part-time career. Students may enroll and drop during any semester

ROTC Leaders Training Course

Transfer students who plan to participate in the two-year ROTC program need to make their intentions known directly to the Military Science Program no later than May of the year they plan to register at the university.

The government provides a transportation allowance to and from the 30-day Basic Camp and students will receive approximately $600. No military obligation is incurred as a result of attendance.

Basic Training

Students who have successfully served on active duty or are members of Reserve or National Guard units, are qualified to enter the Advanced Course dependent on their academic alignment.

Leader Development/Assessment Course

The Advanced Course is a two-year period. To become a Cadet, students must complete the Basic Course, ROTC Summer Basic Camp, or Basic Training. The Cadet must also make a commitment to attend all required training activities and sign a contract to accept a commission in the United States Army. In return, the Military Science Department will provide $350 - $500 a month, classroom instruction, leadership opportunities, and feedback on cadet’s leadership progress. A 32-day summer training camp will be provided for assessing and developing the cadet’s leadership abilities. Cadets receive pay at the rate of one-half of Second Lieutenant’s basic pay. Upon successful completion of the Advanced Course and graduation from the university, cadets will be eligible to be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

Required Related General Education Subjects

  1. Written Communications: (Category A) ENGL 100  
  2. Human Behavior: (Category D)POSC 100  
  3. Computer Literacy
  4. Mathematical Reasoning: (Category B) MATH 103   or MATH 110


    Military Science